Contactless Attendance

In the times of pandemic, having a biometric solution for attendance monitoring is extremely important, but what is more important is it being 'Contactless'.

Using facial recognition and advanced computer vision technologies, Turnout, happens to be one of the best in class contactless attendance monitoring system that makes it possible for every visitor to register the attendance without having any contact with the device.

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Mask Detection

Spotting and identifying people who are not wearing a face mask as per the rule is extremely cruicial. Executing on this manually becomes tricky & thus 'Turnout' comes in picture.

Face-Detection algorithms along with state of the art contact less technology of the platform, while marking the attendance, makes sure if the person is wearing the mask or not & send a real time alert on the admin panel where you can take action when needed.

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Fever Screening

One of the key symptoms in the on-going pandemic is high fever. Turnout, makes it easier to monitor the body temperature of each visitor.

Thermal screening is an essential part of the new normal that we are living through. You as a business owner need tool to monitor it as well, but one can only use so many tools at a time, thus Turnout makes it easier for you to mark attendance along with body temerature of each individual walking in.

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Be it a project for a client or an internal team activity, timesheet is an essential document that is always needed to monitor staff's efficiency.

Turnout is the only platform that along with all the safety features, that are required during the pandemic, presents you a unified dashboard that alogn with monitoring the attendance of each employee, keps a track of all time stamps and presents a single time sheet as and when needed.

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Cross Platform

A mobile phone, a tablet or even a computer, Turnout works like magic on all the platforms. Built for scalability & adaptability for any team size.

Existing attendance monitoring systems are bulky, hard to adapt and has a huge capex requirement to get started. Turnout makes it easy for anyone to adapt facial recognition based attendance monitoring in the environment without any bulky hardware or capex. It works flawlessly even on a web browser

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Our Past & Present

Other Products

Built by a team who has built successfull products at Vedalabs for multiple industry verticals.

We are Macherlabs

A Deep Tech Startup In India & US

The journey of macher was incepted in the college dorm room when few thechies decided to build something meaningfull for the world. Teaming up with like minded people was the best part of the journey till date.

In 2018, team started building it's general product for retail vertical. Built prototypes, partnered with largest of the brands across the country and raised money from best of the people possible in the ecosystem.

Having meaningfull partners and building meaningfull products has always been at the core of Macher. Starting from self driving cars to video analytics suite for retailers or even Turnout, Macher aims to build a better surrounding for everyone.

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